Catering Generator for your Mobile Food Van

A Generator for your Van

Are you hunting high and low for a generator for your mobile burger or food van? Agenerators have a range of generators for the mobile catering industry. We are in the process of adding the mobile catering generator range to our website; a range of mobile generators that will suit any food or burger van or anyone in the mobile catering industry that require portable power.

Food Van Generators

Our range of mobile catering generators come with Long Run time fuel tanks that will last all day – making sure you can run your business! Fuel types supplied are Petrol, Diesel and Gas generators that are portable and will not take up too much room in the van. They are exactly what you need!

The power output of our catering generators are enough to power your van and are reliable machines that will not let you down. They have a low audible level and are happy to sit in the open air!

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Generators for Catering

Generators for catering have to provide the power you need without draining your profits with fuel costs. Our generators are built with this in mind and are cost effective to run, extremely portable and suit our catering customer needs whether they a reliable food van generator or a portable power supply for an all day event/ function.

Our Catering generators are perfect for:

  • Burger vans
  • Food vans
  • Chip vans
  • Coffee vans
  • Caterers
  • Catering vans
  • All day events

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