Portable Suitcase Generators for Camping and Caravans

Caravan and Camping Generators

Portable and suitcase generators have been available for a few years and are suited to those that have a caravan, go camping, run market stalls, attend outdoor events or have days out boating or fishing. The portable suitcase generators offer a great solution to powering microwaves, charging phones or powering laptops. 1KW and 2.2KW (2KW continuous runtime) are the most popular for camping and caravans.

Depending on the size of the suitcase generator they run for hours on a tank of petrol. The generators are easily maintained which is perfect for any caravan or camping trip when access to servicing tools are not always available.

1KW Camping and Caravan Suitcase Generators

2.2KW Camping and Caravan Suitcase Generators

1 KW Caravan & Camping Generator - Portable Suitcase

Camping and Caravan generators for sale

We stock reliable generators in 1KW and 2.2KW power outputs. The camping generators are classed as silent due to their minimal noise level (sub 70dB).

The suitcase generators are perfect for storing due to their small, compact size. If you change the oil once every 6 months they will last!

Many members of the Caravan Club have invested in portable, suitcase generators to power their caravans whilst away on trips.

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