Used Caterpillar Generator Sets

Agenerators are pleased to announce that we are now offering used Caterpillar generator sets (Caterpillar power systems) which boast engine products from fantastic manufacturers such as Electric Power, FG Wilson and Olympian.

Used Caterpillar Generator

Our used Caterpillar Gensets provide power including 100kVa, 135kVA, 200kVA, 250kVA, 275kVA, 500kVA, 635kVA, 810kVA, 1000kVA, 1050kVA, 1250kVA and 2000kVA generator power systems.

Gas or Diesel Used Generators

The generator power systems are powered by Gas or Diesel and are in excellent used condition. If you are looking to buy a used Caterpillar genset contact us with your requirements. An example of our used Caterpillar generators are listed below.

Manufacturer Product Family Rating Fuel Type Hours Price
Caterpillar Electric Power 1050 Kw Gas 37000 £49,500
Caterpillar Electric Power 1050 Kw Gas 49000 £64,900
Caterpillar Electric Power 1000 kVA Diesel 7642 £104,500
Caterpillar FG Wilson 100 kVA Diesel 15381 £8,360
Caterpillar Olympian 100 kVA Diesel 20253 £7,400
Caterpillar FG Wilson 200 kVA Diesel 16914 £9,950
Caterpillar Electric Power 500 kVA Diesel 8018 £34,950

Contact us now for a quotation. Please provide as much detail as possible on your requirements.

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