Generator Sets

What is a Generator Set?

A generator set is a built generator unit that consists of an engine, an alternator and accessories such as a fuel tank (for Diesel or Petrol) or a valve fitments for LPG gas bottles. The generator set usually includes housing such as a solid metal frame or is built into a canopy whether it be a portable suitcase size or an industrial sized unit for larger scale power generation needs.

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A generator set creates electricity from mechanical energy produced by the engine.

Generator sets are built to suit the users requirements and come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and colours. A small generator set is suitable for running appliances on the go such as for catering vans, caravans, camping, boats (marine) or adventure expeditions where electricity is required.

The larger generator sets are usually used to power tools (used by builders, welders and engineers), standby power usage (to instantly power equipment if the mains electricity supply is interrupted) or for power buildings in the circumstance of loss of power. Hospitals and other buildings that require critical life saving electricity will have one or several, well maintained generator sets in case of power failure. An ATS panel monitors the mains power supply into the building and starts the generator set if the power is interrupted.

Generator sets weights vary from less than 1 kg up to and exceeding 1000 kgs!

The most common power output for generator sets are 3 kVA or 4 kVA for the smaller models and 100 kVA for the larger models although demand for mVA generator sets for large power consuming buildings are now on the rise.

Agenerators have gensets for sale for the following uses:

  • Agricultural/ Farming
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Camping
  • Caravans
  • Food vans
  • Catering

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