Catering King 3.5kVA 2.8KW Petrol Generator Set

Catering King 3.5kVA 2.8KW Petrol Generator Set

Catering King 3.5kVA 2.8KW Petrol Generator Set

The Agenerators Catering King range of generators has been specified with the Mobile Catering industry in mind. The range offers generators that can suit any mobile caterer's needs. These generators are built to fit any coffee, burger or hot food van and with the various power outputs on offer you will find one that suits your needs.

Mobile Catering Generator 3.5kVA/ 2.8KW - Honda Engine

The Catering King 3.5kVA / 2.8 KW is tough, long running, reliable and is small enough to fit any van size. The impressive power output is provided by a Honda GX200 engine with Oil alert powering the generator . The solid base is suitable for use on any surface - including grass. The frame is extremely sturdy and is sprayed with a coating to withstand the weather. The Catering King 3.5 runs all day due to it's 11 litre Petrol fuel tank.

Delivery and VAT inclusive
  • Honda GX200 Engine with Oil alert
  • Power Output - 3.5kVA / 2.8KW
  • 11 litre tank for a full day's use
  • 2* BS4343 230 Volt sockets for outdoor usage
  • 50Hz
  • Oil and Fuel Anti Vibration mounts
  • Weight = 45 kgs
  • 3 Year Honda Engine warranty
  • British built/ Made in the UK
Designed and built for the mobile catering industry. Ideal for burger vans, hot food vans, coffee vans, outdoor business lunches and outside catering events.
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